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It’s never too late to learn piano for adults. Whether you’re just beginning or took lessons as a kid, you’ll come up to speed quickly with the Hoffman Method. Go at your own pace, at your convenience, with the guidance to become a confident musician.

piano lessons for adults
"How did you do that? You took me into another world and back and I loved every second of the journey. Haven’t felt this joy playing music in like... ever."

Julio, Adult Learner

Check it off your bucket list with our piano lessons for adults.

  • Play music right away, on your schedule and from the comfort of home.
  • It’s a complete musical education—no shortcuts!
  • The step-by-step approach makes learning feel simple and natural.
  • Make progress with piano lessons for adults in just 15 minutes a day!
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piano lessons for adults

Premium tools enhance online learning.

Guided Practice with Online Piano Lessons

Practice Plans
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Practice makes perfect—when you know what to practice and when. After each lesson, you’ll have a detailed practice plan that walks you through exactly what to work on each day.

Audio Tracks

Audio Tracks
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Feel like a rock star as you play along with professionally produced accompaniment and audio tracks—a great way to build confidence and develop your musical artistry.

Learn Piano with Progress Tracking Piano Lessons Online

Progress Tracking

Know where you left off and what to do next with a dashboard that tracks your progress as you learn to play piano. Hit milestones and earn points along the way.

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With our focus on fun as the foundation for music education, you’ll enjoy learning to play the songs you love!
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